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Do you need a business solution online?

We understand the business of customers in various fields such as website design, online marketing, graphic & video & print production, VOIP internet phone (free, paid), remote business setup, wireless camera installation to provide optimal solutions that is right for your business.

AY Creative understands business in various fields, creates a website catered to your business, and can provide solutions and marketing solutions to help your website grow online.

- Personal or Business Informational Website
- Online Shopping Mall (E-Commerce Website)
- Custom features such as education, reservation system, membership system websites
- Various platforms to create your website
(WordPress, Magento, Wix, Squarespace and Etc.)
- Redesign or fix your current website
- Free website design and partner affiliate option
- Provide solutions for all graphics, photos, and video media necessary for website

– Google AD, Analytics
Google AD (Google AD) is the most effective in exposing the most effective website and information, and its performance is proportional to the cost compared to other marketing methods, and results can be obtained immediately. Through detailed and accurate marketing data, it can be seen that you can plan your online business and future plans. Sometimes, Google AD is set incorrectly, it is not helpful to the company at all, and sometimes it is helping marketing elsewhere. AY optimizes Google AD settings according to your business characteristics and marketing budget, so that you can get the best results for your budget.

Apart from Google AD, we optimize the tag content of each page on your website so that basic search terms can be well exposed using meta tags within the site.

– SNS Marketing
In addition to your website, through external SNS marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp, you can create a space for direct communication with customers, and show the company's continuous and periodic updates and activities. In addition to communicating with customers, SNS Marketing can have the effect of exposing additional sites and companies.

- Video & Photos

At AY, we work on videos and photos for your business promotions, and through this, you can create websites and promotional materials.

- Graphic Design
At AY, we work on a variety of designs such as branding, logos, brochures, pamphlets, posters, business cards, and photos and videos. In addition, designed work can be printed and produced as promotional material at an affordable price.

Use your business phone through your internet service! 

Depending on the usage environment, business calls can be used for free, text messages by number, voicemail, mobile phone reception, and even complex work environments online. 

Due to the recent change in work type and environment, the need for remote work, meetings, and document reading is increasing. AY will guide and provide the optimal remote business solution applicable to the company, so that work can be more convenient and efficient.

- Using a corporate computer remotely from outside or using an external computer remotely by the company
- Online account, tasks, documents, schedule, sharing, meeting, security, etc. setup
- Small business server setup and external access solution

With the Wireless Camera installation, you can check the status of your company where the camera is installed anytime, anywhere, more cheaply and efficiently through the Internet. In addition, as well as real-time recording, it is automatically recorded when there is external or internal movement through a motion detector, so you can maintain a safer security system.


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We provide the best solution following the latest trends with the best technology.


AY's service proceeds as followed

Through online or face-to-face meetings, we identify your business characteristics and provide services and solutions.
In addition, we provide guidance in consideration of your needs, production schedule, production cost, and goals. 
The initial consulting is 100% free. Contact us now!

If you trust our service and use our services, depending on the case, 50% of the service cost is paid and the service is provided, and through a contract with trust, both the customer and AY are satisfied and protected.

After signing a service contract, necessary information and data are collected and developed. The time required for development is coordinated with the customer in advance, and after collecting the necessary information and data, it takes 1 to 2 weeks for a simple website, and it may take longer for work that requires a lot of advanced technology and modifications.

After development has progressed, a draft of the development results for the service is provided. At this point, the customer can receive information about the design draft, layout, concept, text, etc., and can make changes if desired.  

A final meeting with the customer is conducted by completing the final development of the information and materials requested by the customer and further requests. At this point, major changes are not possible, but additional minor changes and modifications are possible.

After the final change is completed, the final production copy is delivered to the customer, and necessary information and inquiries are notified. The customer pays for the service in full before handing over the final production. Additional services are provided for one week after the last takeover, so that the transferred services can proceed without problems. 


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AY Creative Inc is a website and graphic design company established in 2014 in Manhattan, New York. We provide total business solutions through online and media platforms.


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